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"At a time when banks and money owners are targeting globalization for control, manipulation, and execution of various agendas, Nationalism is the new form of resistance."


The decentralization process is implemented on both the network and the organization, avoiding any centralized ideas that may come along.


Not leaving track is vital for this organization. There is deep respect for this issue, so we leave open the decision to users to choose to be anonymous or send funds anonymously.


The independence of the network and organization is paramount, so we are dedicated to developing the right tools to promote this freedom and autonomy.


Not many virtual currencies actually organize and build a team responsible for the effective progress of the project. We are deeply motivated and dedicated for this cause and for the future of crypto space.

Technical Details

  • Ticker: LUSO
  • Algo: x11
  • Block Reward: from 30 LUSO to 5 LUSO
  • Masternode Share: from 35% to 80%
  • Circulating Amount: 1000000 LUSO
  • Block Space: 90 sec.

There are some peculiarities that differentiate LusoCoin from other crypto currencies. Some of these differential characteristics are already implemented, others are present in our ambitious roadmap to be concretized soon.

  • Decentralization of internet protocols such as DNS, CDN, API.
  • Geo-Reward System, gives mining advantage to the people of these countries allowing them to get out of poverty, and consequently giving back power to the people.

What is LUSO?

Watch our video explanation of this project.



The recognition and appreciation of the existence of certain common characteristics in a community / people promotes the ability of this to progress in the competitive world market as well as to develop in a balanced and sustainable way.


With different, secure and autonomous ports working together there are no limits to what can be done.


This project guarantees full independence and autonomy so that it can fulfill all your objectives.


Whats next?
  • Jul-2018
  • Genesis

    • Concept and Planning
    • Creation of team nucleus
    • New Wallet Appearance
    • Temporary page
    • Project roadmap
    • Market Analysis
    • Masternode Guide
    • Pre-ICO/ICO
    • Subscription to various sites for ICO, MN, Mining and Payment processors
    • Platform to follow Votes / Proposals
    • Airdrop (donations to the public)
    • Contests
    • Forums (
    • Explorer (
    • Redesign and Creation of Marketing Material for Public Use
    • Web Wallet (
    • Paper Wallet (
    • Sentinel
    • bug fix, adjustments and preparation for GEO Reward (v1.0.3)
    • Web site
    • Subscription in Exchanges
  • Sep-2018
  • Phase 2

    • Structure, Organization and Team
    • Clean extra code
    • Joining Exchanges with high volume
    • Android/iOS Wallet
    • Telegram/Discord bot
    • Creation of contests to circulate LUSO within worldwide communities
    • Airdrop v2.0
    • Contests v2.0

  • Dec-2018
  • Phase 3

    • Autonomous Payment System
    • Reward system based on Geolocation starts
    • Reward independent social projects
  • Feb-2019
  • Phase 4

    • Adoption of currency in communities, such as local currency
    • Concept v2.0 (redefine blockchain features)


Masternodes in the sea of internet.
Masternode Reward Calculator





Masternode Reward
Masternode Share
Block Reward

First month

First year

10 Years

If you have a Masternode, you will probably be interested in visiting our port. If you wish to belong to our community of masternodes, you can visit our exchange or mine in one of the pools to get your LUSO.

  • What is a Masternode?

    A masternode is like any other node from bitcoin network that your dedicated IP to validate blocks and transactions, but in this case, a masternode does tons of other tasks for the network and gets rewarded for it.

  • What is the bay used for?

    Developed to bring detailed information about the masternodes, blockchain and the decentralized services available in the LUSO network.

  • How do i get a Masternode?

    Contrary to the Miners, this nodes don't need much cpu power to do sucessful tasks for the network, therefor you will need a dedicated ip, hardware working 24/7 and the amount of 30 000 LUSO, find out more here.

  • What tasks will my Masternode do?

    This masternodes are currently being used for privatesend, instantsend and other network tasks. In the future there will be implemented new services that masternodes will be able to opt-in, being rewarded for that.

  • What is LUSO IP?

    Our network will use GEO Rewarding system to identify the country origin of blocks and masternodes tasks rewarding pools, miners and masternodes up to 20%. If you check you have a lusophonous IP, this calculator will take into account your miner/pool and masternode are within this lusophonous countries. This system is under development and will be release in the new v1.0.3, read more about in on our #roadmap.


Live information about LUSO blockchain.

Latest news from Blog.


Its Official, Web Platform released!

by , 21-05-2018

We are proud to release this web platform, with some basic features.Focusing on the organization, management and communication, this is the start of a bigger work....

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New #airdrop started, claim your free LUSO now!

by , 30-05-2018

Join our new #airdrop available for everyone!Discord - Join here  - Old Discord account: 25 LUSO  - New Discord account: 15 LUSO* Post your LUSO address in ...

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Join the #testnet for GeoReward

by , 16-06-2018

GEO Reward v1 (patch v1.0.2.3)-------Masternode Share:  Max cap: 50%  Max cap LUSO IP: 70%10 Countries list:Portugal, Braz...

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Update your wallet, new version

by , 04-08-2018

Hello World,Our developments for this release are over, after weeks of studying the best way to achive coin generation based on geo location, our team joint forces to think of a new approach. We had to make sure not only Lusophonous countries w...

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Hardfork, v1.1!

by , 14-09-2018

New version 1.1 released!Hardfork at block 220000,Its time for GeoReward, please update your wallets!-For those with block stuck without sync, please manually backup your wallet.dat and clean all files in your lusocore folder.@Povin...

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