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, 04-08-2018 @ news

Hello World,

Our developments for this release are over, after weeks of studying the best way to achive coin generation based on geo location, our team joint forces to think of a new approach. We had to make sure not only Lusophonous countries would benefit from this system, but also any other country. Based on the total amount of active masternodes, lusophonous masternodes and masternodes in a specific country, we were able to create an unique reward algorithm for Masternodes share. This will make calculation predictions harder for miners or masternodes, as next block can give either big or small amount of LUSO to the miners, but we will make sure our official platforms have the best calculation tools available. For now this system is only working with countries, in the future, regions and cities will be considerated.

The GeoReward system starts at block 140000.
Make sure you update your wallet!

macosx: https://lusoco.in/downloads/luso-qt-mac.dmg
setup win64: https://lusoco.in/downloads/lusocore-1.0.2-win64-setup-unsigned.exe
setup win32: https://lusoco.in/downloads/lusocore-1.0.2-win32-setup-unsigned.exe
win64: https://lusoco.in/downloads/lusocore-1.0.2-win32.zip
win32: https://lusoco.in/downloads/lusocore-1.0.2-win64.zip
linux64: https://lusoco.in/downloads/lusocore-1.0.2-linux64.tar.gz
linux32: https://lusoco.in/downloads/lusocore-1.0.2-linux32.tar.gz

Masternode Share (GeoReward v1)
  Starts at Block 140000
  Max: 70%
  Min: 25%

  By Country (+40%)
    Our network finds if the country of the winner Masternode has many other Masternodes and calculates the right share for it.
        0.4 * ( 1 − (n/t))

            n = Valid Masternodes in given Country
            t = Total valid Masternodes

  By Lusophony (+15%)
    Our network detects if the Masternode is from a Lusophonous country and calculates a controlled advantage to it based on the total amount of Lusophonous Masternodes.

        0.15 * ( 1 − (n/t))
            n = Valid Masternodes in Lusophonous Countries
            t = Total valid Masternodes

New developments will be made, until the next big patch around september.
To add new region/city/country to our georeward, write us an email with the subject "GEOLUSO", tell us what should be added to this Lusophonous listing, argument your findings and we will be happy to study your case. Remember, Lusophonous is not a country or nation, it is the idea of the people who speak the Portuguese language, either has native or learners.